Mauritius Weddings & Honeymoons
We arrange exotic weddings in Mauritius on days other than Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. The ceremony can be provided at the most convenient Civil Status Office or at the relevant hotel. Most hotels have a special location where the ceremony can be performed.

We require certified copies of the following documents 3-4 weeks prior to arrival in Mauritius:-

  • Birth certificate and first 6 passport pages of each partner
  • A photocopy of the relevant document attesting to the divorce or death of a previous spouse (if relevant)
  • Profession and address of both parties

NOTE: A widow is not legally authorised to remarry less than 300 days following her husband's death except on presentation of a medical certificate issued by a Medical Practitioner in Mauritius attesting that she is not pregnant (this also applies in the case of divorce).

All documents should be certified copies in English or French.

The clients must produce the originals of their official documents when swearing the affidavit in the Supreme Court.

We will arrange for couples to attend the Civil Status Commissioner's office and the Supreme Court for the swearing of an affidavit, then to the most convenient Civil Status office to make arrangements for the publication of the bans. The Civil Marriage can be celebrated 24 hours after the publication of the bans.


  • Adminstration charges including telephone, transportation fees and civil charges
    Car with driver/guide to take both parties from their hotel to the Supreme Court and back
  • Affidavit costs
  • Fees and transportation (home-hotel-home) for the celebrant

Decorations, flower arrangements, wedding cake, drinks, video etc...all of which can be arranged at extra cost

If either one or both of the participants do not speak English or French, an additional charge will be made for a translator

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