Reunion Excursions
CILAOS CIRQUE: A full day tour which takes you via the west coast and the pretty village of La Riviere Saint Louis enroute to the Cilaos Cirque. Cilaos village is situated at 1,200 metres and is surrounded by Reunion’s tallest peaks (Trois Salazes 2,121 metres, Grand Bénare rampart 2,896 metres and Piton des Neiges 3,070 metres). After fabulous sightseeing you will enjoy a Creole lunch then view arts, crafts and local produce. On the return journey you will stop at the’`Whirlpool” at Etang-Sale.

VOLCANO FURNACE PIC: You travel south via “Le Tampon” and enter the high plains, stopping at “Le Nez de Boeuf” or “Ox’s Nose” enroute to the Commerson crater and “La Plaine des Sables.” Your next surprise will be the rounded dome and majestic grey and black-streaked lava flows of The Furnace Pic (2,311 metres), the crater of which can be explored during a 1 hour stroll. After a Creole lunch, you’ll visit the Volcano House (learning about Reunion’s active volcano), then stop at the Belvedere Grand Bassin on your return journey.

SALAZIE CIRQUE: Travelling eastwards, a stop will be made to visit the Vanilla House prior to arriving at Salazie, the largest of the three Cirques which boast around 100 waterfalls. Visit the Bridal Veil and the delightful village of Hell Bourg which has many authentic Creole houses. After a Creole lunch you return to St Denis.

MAIDO’S PIC & ST PAUL’S MARKET: Meandering towards the high country, the narrow road winds and climbs until you‘re in forests of acacia, scented mimosa and “tamarins des Hauts.” At Maido, the plunging view over the Cirque of Mafate will leave you breathless. Then it ‘s time to return to the coast where (during the season) you can view the cooking of geranium and with a stop at the lively market of St Paul.

WILD SOUTH: Travelling south you come to the lava flows of la Pointe de la Table where (in 1986 and again in 2004) there was a tremendous spectacle as fire met sea. You stop at l’Anse des Cascades and at Piton Sainte Rose where the miraculously spared church stands in the middle of a sea of solidified lava. After lunch at Cap Mechant, you will visit a wonderful and wild botanical garden, then journey back via St Pierre.

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