And then there's Reunion. An idyllic French-speaking island with fascination for nature-lovers, trekkers, surfers, beachcombers, sightseers, mountaineers, swimmers and gourmets. In other words, there's something for everyone on this delightful tropical island. We recommend Reunion as a destination not to be missed!

Lying 150kms west of Mauritius and 750kms east of Madagascar, this "volcanic rock" enjoys a temperate tropical climate, with ideal weather conditions throughout most of the year.

This is an intense land "seething" with vitality and colour. Verdant green forests abound throughout the island and huge surf pounds against its glorious shores. The spectacle is one of absolute beauty and a joy to experience.

....and there's an intensity of life (also) amongst Reunion's harmonious and idyllic mixture of French and Creole cultures and history. An effervescence of nature which may emanate from Piton de la Fournaise - an active volcano which offers the visitor a striking and unforgettable vision.

Visitors will love Reunion's warmth, its charming multi-cultural society and its atmosphere of unspoiled grandeur. Whether your visit is active or passive, there will be so much you can enjoy in visiting this tropical island "Paradise."

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