Sri Lanka
The Indian sub-continent stretches from the Himalayas in the north to the island which appears as a “tear drop” to the south of India. The 2 countries share an ancient (and more recent colonial) heritage, yet are distinctly different in many respects.

Sri Lanka’s recorded history dates back to the 5th Century BC and with Sinhalese kingdoms being established some 200 years later. Buddhism was introduced in the 3rd Century BC and there then ensued more than 1,000 years of conflict, with repeated invasions from southern India. The Portuguese and Dutch arrived in 1505 and 1658 respectively, following which the British took full sovereignty in 1815 and held sway for 133 years until Sri Lanka regained its independence.

A visit to the sub-continent will leave you spellbound. You will be confronted by the breadth of history and culture which exists and by the superlative remains of by-gone eras. In many respects, it will intimidate, yet it’s unlikely that you will ever find a more stimulating or exciting destination!

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